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Healthcademia® now offers advanced training for dentists!

A new addition to the Healthcademia® group, the Instituto of Estudios Superiores Odontológicos (IESO) has over 20 years of experience educating professionals in advanced dentistry techniques. Healthcademia® students can now undertake courses in in dental aesthetics, endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, clinical management, implantology, surgery, prosthodontics, forensic odontology and TMKJ disorders.

This is an exciting acquisition for our network. Over 4,000 dentists have already chosen to train at IESO, mainly due to their focus on teaching students to accurately diagnose, provide comprehensive solutions, and apply the most modern techniques. This is achieved through an emphasis on practical training that requires learners to actively participate and put their theoretical knowledge to the test.

The IESO faculty is made up of experienced dentists who guide students using three fundamental pillars: the use of the most advanced technology, collaboration with teachers and professionals of recognised prestige, and clinical practice with patients. The majority of training programmes are accredited by the Spanish National Health System as well as the UDIMA distance university.

In addition, IESO is committed to making an impact on the community. Patients who are treated by the institute’s students gain access to effective dental treatments at affordable prices. Practice treatments are supervised by expert teachers, with a guaranteed end result equivalent to that found in a conventional dental clinic. IESO’s innovative approach puts them ahead of the competition; they are now rolling out on-line programmes in order to train even more dentists than ever before.

Welcome IESO!

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Healthcademia now offers advanced training for dentists!

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