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Our Academies and Institutions

ISO. Institut Supérieur D’Optique
ISO, founded in 1988 on the values of passion, expertise, and innovation, provides higher education in the field of optics. The institute has been training experts in vision for more than 30 years, boasting a 100% employability rate and amassing more than 19,000 members across its network. Furthermore, each academic path combines paramedicine, vision sciences, commerce, and the world of design and fashion. Students can choose from a range of full- or part-time courses, from post-baccalaureate to Master’s level. ISO is recognized by the profession as the leader in France for opticianry education and is well known for its success rates in the national exam (85% average for ISO vs 55% for competitors), the innovation and quality of its education system, and the human qualities of its pedagogical staff.
Drawing on the recognised expertise of the Institut Supérior d’Optique (ISO), ISOForm specialises in upgrading and updating the technical skills of opticians. Created by opticians for opticians, the institute shares ISO’s values of passion, expertise, and innovation. ISOFORM’s mission is to offer professionals comprehensive training, covering the technical, human, commercial, and administrative aspects of the optician’s profession. A recognised specialist and sector leader for technical training, ISOFORM supports opticians to develop their skills in the areas of communication, sales, strategic positioning, and human capital management. Every year, more than 700 opticians embark on one of ISOFORM’s tailor-made training courses led by expert trainers and supported by cutting-edge equipment.
École D’Assas
The Assas School has been providing training in rehabilitation and health since 1936. Once enrolled, students in Physiotherapy, Podiatry, and Occupational Health can take preparation courses for state diplomas issued by the French Ministry of Health. The school’s approach is built around three key values: pedagogical excellence, international openness, and innovation. As a result, 100% of trainees are able to find employment after graduation.
ASSAS Formations Santé
Part of the prestigious Assas School, founded in 1936, Assas Formations Santé specialises in the fields of massage-physiotherapy and pedicure-podiatry. Over the years, the institute has developed its own network of expert trainers, allowing it to offer one of the most comprehensive training catalogues on the market for physiotherapists, podiatrists, and nurses. Aware of the daily needs of health professionals and those of patients, the Assas Formations Santé team seeks to establish virtuous relationships with the practitioners who call on it. Whether it’s reviewing a fundamental technique or learning new skills, all of the education they provide is aimed at improving patient satisfaction and quality of care. Every year, Assas Formations Santé trains more than 500 healthcare professionals working in rehabilitation professions.
The French Graduate School of Clinical Orthodontics (FGSOCO) was founded in 2013. For the past decade, it has provided students with a unique 2-year curriculum combining in-depth theoretical concepts with innovative hands-on practice. As the first academy to provide professional orthodontic post-graduate training in France, it now teaches more than 120 students every year.
AMIR. Médecine Esthétique
AMIR Medicina Estética was founded in Spain in 2019, with the objective of training specialists in the growing field of aesthetic medicine. In 2022 it began its expansion into France, under the name of AMIR Médecine Esthétique. Students can choose to study for one of two European Diplomas: Aesthetic Medicine, Nutrition and Anti-Aging, or Trichology and Hair Micro-Grafting. Each multidisciplinary training programme can be completed in eight months, using a combination of online theory and on-site practice. Since 2019, the academy’s experienced professionals have successfully trained more than 3,000 doctors.
SUP’AUDIO. Institut Superieur D’Audiologie
Sup’Audio provides specialist audiology training for those wishing to qualify as a Technical Assistant in Hearing Aids. The Higher Institute aims to address the needs of hearing-impaired people by growing the number of professionals in the field. All training is provided by experts recognised for their unique technical and educational skills.
AMIR was founded in 2006, with the goal of being a ‘different’ academy, created exclusively by doctors to train doctors. Since then, AMIR has established itself as one of the top academies for the preparation of the Spanish MIR exam, an important milestone in any doctor’s career. Through continuous innovation, AMIR provides students with high-quality programs that use the latest applied technology and are based on a solid academic model. As AMIR has evolved, it has confirmed its place as an expert academy for health training, offering a wide range of courses including speciality exam preparation for professionals as well as postgraduate programs.
APIR. AMIR Psicología
APIR was founded in 2015 and is now the branch of the AMIR group dedicated to preparing Spanish students for the PIR (Internal Resident Psychologist) entrance exam. The academy is made up of a multidisciplinary ‘mental health’ teaching team, including PIR clinical psychologists and MIR psychiatrists. Their specialised health training in psychology follows the APIR 3-phase study method of contact, consolidation, and review. With more than 60% of students gaining a public psychologist vacancy, APIR consistently ranks in the top 2 schools for PIR nationwide.
AMIR. Medicina estética
AMIR Medicina Estética was founded in 2019, with the objective to train specialists in the ever-growing field of aesthetic medicine. The trainers at the academy are all experienced doctors themselves, and students are encouraged to feel like part of the teaching team. Each qualification applies an innovative, holistic pedagogy, ensuring that future professionals have all the necessary tools they need to thrive in the aesthetic medicine market. Since 2019, AMIR Medicina Estética´s practitioner teachers have successfully trained more than 3,000 doctors.
IFSES is a prestigious academy that offers education options for nurses, including preparation courses for the EIR, Nursing OPEs (Civil Service Exams) across Spain, and postgraduate programs. The academy is staffed by specialised professionals who provide expertise across numerous areas of nursing. Students have access to a full suite of support resources, including a questions forum, simulation platform, and virtual classroom. Over the last 10 years, IFSES has achieved the best test prep results in the country, becoming the #1 nursing academy in Spain.
EOM. Escuela de Osteopatía de Madrid
The Escuela de Osteopatia de Madrid (EOM) is one of the largest osteopathy schools in the world. Though it now has an international presence with 75 locations around the world, it was first founded in Madrid, in 1989. The Spanish branch specialises in Osteopathy training for Physiotherapists, developing skills and the acquisition of both theoretical and practical knowledge. EOM remains constantly up to date with scientific and technical advances, effectively implementing these in its methodology, materials, and facilities.
Inspira Network
The Inspira Network offers Masters and University level training for healthcare professionals, e-learning in continuing medical education, accredited in-person training, and courses in scientific rich media. They have trained over 30,000 healthcare professionals over the last three years, carrying out over 400 training activities with the collaboration of more than 750 expert educators. Their offer extends to scientific and educational institutions as well as the pharmaceutical industry.
Instituto IESO
IESO has over 20 years of experience educating professionals in advanced dentistry techniques. They offer students courses in dental aesthetics, endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, clinical management, implantology, surgery, prosthodontics, forensic odontology and TMKJ disorders. Their faculty is made up of experienced dentists who train learners in both theory and practical clinical cases.
Accademia Italiana Medici Specializzandi
Accademia Italiana Medici Specializzandi (AIMS) was founded in June 2014. It is the most important and largest medical training academy for young doctors in Italy, preparing hundreds of students each year for the national competition exams. The AIMS study method is based on the development of clinical reasoning through the analysis and resolution of complex practice cases. This innovative approach simultaneously stimulates problem solving and the theoretical review of all specialist subjects, leading to an overall improvement in medical knowledge.
Artquiz Academy provides complete and guided preparation for entrance exams in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary and other medical health areas. Over 150,000 students have placed their trust in the ARTQUIZ Method, which allows students to approach the study of quizzes in an intelligent and systematic way and to improve learning and memorization of all required test concepts. The academy’s books, simulator and courses all share this method, to provide students with all the support and guidance they need to feel 100% confident on exam day. By integrating theory and simulation exercises, students can gain time, successfully pass their test, and achieve top rankings.
EOM. Escuela de Osteopatía de Madrid
The Escuela de Osteopatia de Madrid (EOM) is one of the largest osteopathy schools in the world. Since 2000, EOM has expanded throughout Italy, and there are now five teaching centres across the country where students can complete a two-years Master’s degree in Osteopathy in Neuro-Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions. Following this, trainees can choose to continue onto a Diploma in Osteopathy under the supervision of EOM International. In 2022, the EOM Academy was born, providing post-graduate training paths in new and relevant specialist skills.
AMIR started its expansion in Latin America in 2016, with the goal of being a ‘different’ academy, created exclusively by doctors to train doctors. Since then, it has dedicated itself to offering quality preparation for the local specialty exams, as the ENARM, ENURM, IFOM, ENAM, Internado Rotaciones and Diplomado Colombia are all important milestones in any doctor’s career. From 2016, AMIR started to diversify its offering, entering the areas of Wellness, Sports, and Continuous Training for health professionals. At the same time, MIR exam preparation has remained part of the academy’s core, in which it has continued to achieve outstanding results for its students.
Revalidando is the largest study platform for Brazilian doctors wishing to revalidate their diploma. With over 4000 students across 17 cities, the academy offers more than 80 courses and boasts a 96% satisfaction rate. Founded five years ago, they aim to provide the most cost-effective course for students, providing them with all the support needed to successfully pass both practical and theoretical tests. Revalidando is especially proud that it is staffed by professionals who have already gone through the revalidation process themselves.
Universidad San Judas Tadeo
The University of San Judas Tadeo (UST) in Costa Rica provides high quality training for health professionals looking to compete in the current market. The School of Medicine was founded in 1999 to offer a modern curriculum according to the proposals of the World Health Organization. It focuses on courses in primary care alongside specialised hospital training. Students receive a solid education in both ethics and research, allowing them to develop their research careers whilst contributing to their individual communities.
NB Medical Education
Founded 25 years ago by doctors Simon Curtis and Phil Nichols, NB Medical Education provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training to over 20,000 Primary Care Healthcare Professionals annually, delivering over 100,000 hours of online training each year. NB Medical Education is the largest provider of Continuing Medical Education (CME) to GPs in the UK & Ireland and has extensive international experience in providing training across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. NB Medical Education also offers bespoke training programs for Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), Urgent Care, and private organizations. With NB Plus, Health Professionals can access NB’s live and on-demand course webinars and reference books year-round, allowing them to learn at their own pace and convenience.