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Healthcademia® acquires a leading professional health educator in the UK and Ireland!

NB Medical Education is the newest addition to Healthcademia’s world-leading educational network. Founded 25 years ago by doctors Simon Curtis and Phil Nichols, NB Medical Education provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training to over 20,000 Primary Care Healthcare Professionals every year. NB Medical are the largest provider of Continuing Medical Education (CME) to GPs in the UK & Ireland, and have international experience in delivering training across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. NB Medical Education also provide Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), Urgent Care, and private organisations with bespoke programs for their workforces. With NB Plus, Health Professionals can access live ‘hot topic’ courses as well as on-demand webinars and podcasts, all supported with reference books so that learners can study at their own pace.

The acquisition of NB Medical Education marks Healthcademia’s entry into the UK and Ireland, adding to its international portfolio of top-ranking educational institutions and academies for healthcare students and professionals. With NB Medical Education, Healthcademia establishes up-skilling and workforce training in the British and Irish healthcare spaces via a recognised and trusted brand that currently serves thousands of primary care professionals. 

Like all of Healthcademia institutions, NB Medical Education is dedicated to developing both theoretical and practical knowledge, believing that the best educators are also practitioners. NB Medical’s team of educators consist of National Health Service (NHS) GPs and Nurses who are recognised nationally and internationally within their area of expertise and work tirelessly to maintain a position at the forefront of modern practice.

So, welcome NB Medical! We are thrilled by this valuable addition to our portfolio, which will enhance our ability to deliver on the mission and vision of Healthcademia – to support Healthcare Professionals on their lifelong learning journey.

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