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Healthcademia® aquires a leading academy in France.

The French Graduate School of Clinical Orthodontics (FGSOCO) is the newest addition to Healthcademia® world-leading higher educational network. Founded ten years ago by Dr Medina and Dr Amsellem, FGSOCO was the first academy to provide professional orthodontic post-graduate training in France. For the past decade, it has provided students with a unique 2-year curriculum combining in-depth theoretical concepts with robust clinical practice. In this sense, FGSOCO’s approach is well-aligned with those of Healthcademia®: their course leaders don’t only teach but continue to apply their skills in the field as dedicated healthcare professionals.

The acquisition of FGSOCO marks a new and exciting milestone for Healthcademia® in France. As a company, we now have access to the rapidly growing dental tuition market, spearheaded by a recognised and valuable brand that already teaches more than 120 students every year.

As part of our mission to expand and grow, we have ambitious plans to leverage FGSOCO’s leadership position in France to reach new students and cover a wider range of subjects. Over the next five years, we will develop short training programmes in orthodontics, as well as new courses in areas such as endodontics and dental surgery. In parallel, we will incorporate Healthcademia® advanced educational methodologies, by digitalising the entire catalogue of FGSOCO training materials and offering new, cutting-edge techniques and tools such as Typodont.

So – welcome FGSOCO! We are proud to have you join us on our mission to become the most trusted partner of healthcare professionals throughout their lifelong learning journey.

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